1999/2000 dance/trance compilations

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1999/2000 dance/trance compilations

Messagepar Williamhawk » sam. 16 déc. 2017 14:08


Heard a track the other night which took me back to when I used to listen to dance/trance music tracks back around 1999/2000.

Im thinking tracks by Binary Finary, Mauro Picotto, Darude, Delerium etc.

I used to have loads/a few compilation CDs but can't find them anywhere. I'm hoping people can jog my memory/help me find out which ones by posting examples of compilations they can remember also.

I really want to rekindle listening to that music again, if I can find it. I really used to enjoy watching/listening to MTV Dance back in those days, they had quality music tracks. I used to listen throughout the night.any suggestions?

Please help.

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