Three Leaf System when a concrete wall is in the equation?

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Three Leaf System when a concrete wall is in the equation?

Messagepar Williamhawk » mer. 22 nov. 2017 06:54

Hello guys,

this is my first post and, before I say anything, I have to thank you all for this amazing knowledge source you have built. I'm a recording engineer from Caracas, Venezuela, starting to build my home studio and this forum has been truly clarifying for many many questions I had. Although there are like a thousand more questions, finally I’m feeling like I’m in the right place to find those answers (real answers). I apologize for my english, I hope it will be clear enough for you to understand what I’m trying to say.

This project has been running for over a couple years (saving some money to develop it, buying equipment, etc.). I have the second floor of my house completely empty for me to build my home studio so I decided to go ahead with it (my wife gave permission finally).

If you're a news guy, then you've probably heard about Venezuela's economic crisis. I say that because there are some things for us right now that seems unaffordable because we don't make it here (like fiberglass wool for example, a 4'x8'x3" panel cost about 15 times the cost of a single drywall board. No kidding here guys). So keep that in mind when I say that I'm considering not putting fiberglass wool inside my walls and ceilings.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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